Francisco Bozzano-Barnes

Francisco Bozzano-Barnes is a researcher on and promoter of Sustainable Development, focused on Ecological Economics, Urban Ecology and the Urban-Rural Continuum. Bozzano-Barnes received a Masters in Environmental Studies from York University, Toronto, with an Area of Concentration on A New Perspective for International Development and a B.A. in Economics, from York University. His research and promotional interests span from local to regional to international and planetary phenomena in his field.

In Europe, he worked on the urban footprint of Madrid, the location of a petroleum refinery in Badajoz, and the design and promotion of a Mediterranean Development Bank and energy and water co-generation in the Canary Islands; in the Americas, on municipal, regional environmental concerns of the city of Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico, multidisciplinary capacity building in the University of El Salvador, and other universities around the world, settlement patterns in the Peel Region, Ontario, and organic agriculture in Canada. In Africa he participated in the North/South Cooperative Project on Tanzanian and eastern African development. He wrote reports on trade between Spain and Thailand, Venezuela and the Philippines. He also participated in the organization of conferences on energy and green cities in Toronto, Canada, and on Sustainable Development Aid and Trade in Madrid, Spain. He has lectured and published on topics related to sustainable development. Recently he sat on the UNIS Green School Committee and cooperated with the NGO Committee on Human Settlements, partner organization of UN-Habitat.

He is now studying the impact of the world financial and economic crisis on development in urban/rural settings as part of a focus on poor people, with a multidisciplinary approach. His knowledge of international development institutional dynamics enables him to work effectively with organizations that lead the way toward the Millennium Development Goals.

He helped organise the Panel Discussion on Urban Ecology and Land Tenure with the NGO Committee On Human Settlements in partnership with UN-HABITAT, a side-event of the Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Development, on June 24, 2009 at United Nations Headquarters, and spoke on Restoration of Urban Harmony.