Francisco Bozzano-Barnes


Land Tenure Systems

Stable land management is closely linked to secure land tenure systems. Secure land access helps avoid conflict and create the conditions for inclusive development, not focussed exclusively on growth, that is sustainable and respects the ecological and social needs.

Urban Ecology

The study of the flow of matter and energy in urban ecosystems, including interactions between physical, biological, social and psychological phenomena. Urban Ecology studies ecosystems including humans living in cities and urbanizing landscapes. Urban ecosystems are not closed and can only be understood within their surrounding landscapes, bioregions and planetary interactions.


We research the interactions between Planet Earth, systems of land tenure and urban ecosystems, to facilitate more harmonious management of these systems, and as a result, promote more sustainable human settlement patterns. We will use a case study approach to generate new knowledge and new outcomes. We will focus on the promotion of environmentally sustainable infrastructures, both physical and social.